About NSPE-California


Professional Licensure is not just a license, it's a way to connect your career to the intersection of engineering, professional ethics, legal & regulatory affairs, and the public good.

Whether you're an EIT on the path to your PE License, or are a seasoned PE professional looking for how to accelerate your impact to society, we're here to help. Through a mix of in person and virtual interactions throughout California, we are here to help grow your network, hear how other California Engineers are growing their careers and their businesses, and expand your career horizons as a licensed Professional Engineer.

Our Mission

NSPE-California enhances and promotes the distinct value that licensed Professional Engineers provide through exceptional engineering services that place public health, safety and welfare above personal gain.

Licensed Professional Engineers (PE) work at the intersection of engineering, technology, law and public well being, combining professional expertise with an ethical duty to protect the public.

California, as with all 50 states across the U.S., requires that engineers be licensed in order to practice engineering, particularly in private practice or in working with governmental and/or municipal projects. Each State has its own licensing board with nuances in how PE licensure is applied for and obtained. All 50 states require passing of the Engineer-In-Training / Engineering Intern exam, some level of professional experience, followed by passing of the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, which result in the PE license.

But PEs don't exist for just the right to practice - NSPE-California is the advocate for the ethical practice of engineering in the novel ways engineering and technology will be impacting the present and future state of the greater public good.

Where a certificate or certification program verifies one's skill in a particular area, a license is a public verification of the practice of skill(s) in the context where public safety and well being are affected.

We are California Engineers.

NSPE-California serves as your advocate, partner and network to reach professional engineers and connect with engineering across the state. We are the California State chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), which connects you from California to the rest of the US.